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About Us

Aethem (AY-thum) is an old English world for "air exhaled from the lungs," or "residual breath."  It also can mean the breath of inspiration, like the Genesis account of God breathing life into his creation, Adam.  We chose this word for our company's namesake because that is exactly what we want our theatre to be - a breath of inspiration.  We create meaningful theatre that provokes thought and inspires change.

Evie Digirolamo

Founding Ensemble


aethem theatre company logo Ev Brendan's headshot Angela-face Bre's headshot Zach-face BriBri Joe

Evie Digirolamo

Joe Digirolamo

Kayla Hambek

Bri Kalisch

Zach Schaeffer

Bre Thom

Brendan Veerman

Angela Van Epps

Our Mission

Aethem Theatre Company seeks to provide entertaining, engaging, and meaningful theatre that provokes thought and inspires change through both traditionally-scripted and devised ensemble performances.



Through ensemble work, we seek to move, be moved, and move others.

Aethem began in 2009 when a group of college students wanted to dig deeper into their art.  Led by a few Australian-taught actors and devisers, Aethem started as a way for a small group of artists to come together in community and create dynamic original work.  Eight years later, Aethem has produced several original productions, toured a show through Twin Cities elementary schools, and sent ensemble members to perform in Portland, Oregon and New York City.

Aethem has created some of our most thought-provoking work through ensemble devising.  It's a positive artistic challenge and does wonders for building trust in an ensemble.  We choose to work in ensemble because it frees us to be open with each other in a safe space, allows everyone to be heard without structural hierarchy, and lets us celebrate failures and successes together.  Plus, it's fun!

Emeritus Members

Eliza Milbrandt (2009-2010)

Jess West (2009-2010)

Matthew Anderson (2009-2011)