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Written by Kayla Hambek

Directed by Evelyn Digirolamo

Movement Direction by Angela Van Epps

Inspired by J.M. Barrie's classic, Peter Pan, this ensemble-devised work offered a new perspective on some favorite characters and what happened to them both before and after their journey to Neverland.  Just as it balanced scripted storytelling with AEthem's trademark movement, Before. After. Never. balanced the whimsical nature of Barrie's tale with the story's often-overlooked darker elements.  Each character's journey, though fictional, contained universal themes and modern struggles that connected with the audience; everything from autism to lost love to an uncertainty of what the future holds.

Before. After. Never.

Sabes JCC

(May 21st-22nd, 2012)

Featuring ensemble members Evie Digirolamo, Joe Digirolamo, Kayla Hambek, Zach Schaeffer, Angela Van Epps, and Brendan Veerman.  Also with Matt Anderson, Rachel Gryte, Seth Hambek, Dani Krivinchuk, Karen Elaine Massey, Austan Peterschick, and Chase Van Epps.

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